Sean Tuan John, Director, Choreographer, Filmmaker, Academic

Kill the Klowns

the tortured lives of down at heel clowns

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Choreographer and performer Sean Tuan John crafts everyday foibles and behaviour patterns into dance comedy which is both entertaining and disconcerting. His work is brash, decadent, ridiculous and excessive, whilst also offering insights into the human condition.

‘In KILL THE KLOWNS, 3 washed-up vaudeville perfromers become each other’s audience, taunting each other’s failures and re-enacting their past moments of success. Brief, sharply choreographed dance numbers alternate with crazed verbal exchanges as the performers compete to show off their skills. In a series of darkly comic sketches, John and his two fellow dancers – Bert Van Gorp and Iain Payne – combine to create a mordant, edgy little piece of dance theatre’. The Guardian


Sean Tuan John Director & Performer