Sean Tuan John, Director, Choreographer, Filmmaker, Academic

Happiness Repeats Itself

Legacies and Labotomies

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Happiness Reapeats Itself charts the effects of the infamous and controversial American Neurosurgeon Walter Freeman and the legacy of his labotomy experiments of the 1950’s. Utilising actual case studies, testimonials and medical records, a cast of exceptional and extraordinary performers conjure up precious lost moments, obliterated memories and relive the devastating effects these operations inflicted on a generation.

Funded by The Arts Council of Wales. Co-commissioned by Aberystwyth Arts Centre with support from the Creu Cymru Wales Dance Consortium, Dance Consortium and The Atrium, University of South Wales.

Show Times

Happiness Repeats Itself has now finished all its showings, but don't worry you can see all of Sean's other upcoming shows here.

Touring Locations


Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth, United Kingdom

Aberystwyth Arts Center


Sean Tuan John Director & Choreographer
Gerald Tyler Dancer
Caroline Sabin Dancer
Sally Marie Dancer
Eddie Ladd Dancer
Marega Palser Dancer
Ri Richards Dancer
John Rowley Dancer
Alex Lloyd Jenkins Photographer