Sean Tuan John, Director, Choreographer, Filmmaker, Academic

About Sean

Consumed by a desire to express and perform from an early age John studied performance at Dartington. His work has subsequently gone on to tour internationally, gathering a reputation for urban realism and developing a distinctive post-modern autership of its own.

“I could never really connect with the happy, ‘jazz-hands’ aesthetic of the theatre work I was shown as a child. It seemed disingenuous and fake. My own work looks at reality – I want to show my audiences the world as I see it; as the marginalised, silent and misunderstood minority sees it too. I want to provide a platform for the discussion of controversial topics, so they do not remain hidden away and forgotten, as many people wish they could be. I think that is the purpose of art: to provoke a reaction and generate debate and change as a result.”
Sean Tuan John

John works across film and multimedia platforms. His live performance work often features film and the music is composed uniquely for each production by the same musicians each time. Close collaborations allow John to work with other artists develop a signature style in his work. He works collaboratively with his dancers too, adopting a responsive choreographic style in which each performer can bring his or her own take to the movement and structure. In the future John aims to work more closely with film; looking to capture choreography, dance and physical theatre on camera as well as continuing to develop his live production work. His latest show PUNISHMENT will begin touring later this year.


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